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Driveways and Pavements

Some residents have commented that they are finding it difficult to get in and out of their own driveways when people park directly opposite the entrance to their driveway. This is particuarly difficult on the narrower stretches of road. Many of these parking problems stem from there being more cars parking in Little Oakley today than when many of the houses were originally built. 
There has also been concerns voiced over vehicles parked on the pavements in the village. This causes an obstruction for all pedestrians especially those with sight problems or pushchairs.
Hopefully, drivers will show consideration when parking their vehicles in the village, and parking restrictions will not become necessary.

Rectory Road/Harwich Road Junction

Particular concern has been raised regarding parking in Rectory Road near the junction to Harwich Road. Cars parking near to this junction are causing an obstruction to other drivers. When drivers are turning into Rectory Road, they are unable to see down Rectory Road due to the parked vehicles. Drivers in Rectory Road approaching the junction are unable to see cars turning into the road, and are therefore unable to see clearly if it is safe for them to pass the parked vehicles and approach the junction. The result of this is that when a car turns into Rectory Road at the same time that one is passing the parked vehicles the other way, then they both have little time to react once they actually see each other. This problem is compounded by vehicles also parking on the corners of Cherry Tree Close as this further limits space for vehicles to pass each other when avoiding the cars parked in Rectory Road.

Harwich Road

Another area currently causing concern is the stretch of Harwich Road near the old Methodist Church. Since the closure of the Methodist Church a line of cars have been parking on the Harwich Road. This has been making it difficult for drivers to see far enough down the road to safely pull out and pass the entire line without needing to pull into a space to avoid oncoming traffic. The problem then is that there frequently isn't a space for the driver passing the vehicles to pull into. This has resulted in a number of minor accidents already. Essex County Council appear to be of the opinion that the parking on this stretch of road slows the traffic down and may actually be beneficial. They are due to investigate whether recent accidents have involved or been contributed to by parked vehicles on this stretch of road.